Kevin Costner is a man who needs no introduction. An acting icon, he has been a leading man in high profiles films since the 1980’s. In 2014, he put out a movie called Draft Day. It was another entry in the long line of Kevin Costner sports movies. He has had tremendous success…
Good ol' country music on America's biggest stage? Could be.
BRB just gonna binge Randall King's whole discography after this....
We jump straight into the deep end on this full length solo album review of the buzzy new release from HARDY. What is it? What does it all mean?
Burd is back! What did we miss in 2022? 2023 hype is brewing! Plus, reflection on some of TIH’s favorite pieces in the past year.
Let's celebrate the year-end in proper TIH style: fun words, unique categories, and great music!
In which Joe makes a list of songs
What does that even mean? The second installment of Today I Heard year end material.
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